Cheerleading Sprung Floor - 42' by 54' (12.8m by 16.5m)


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Our cheerleading sprung floor offers a cost-effective solution to higher priced sprung floors available on the market without compromising on performance, quality or detail. This sprung floor is ideal for training and competition use and utilises high elasticity EDPM foam blocks (view here) or our power springs (view here) fitted to the base of the plywood floor. Unlike other suppliers, our sprung floors are available single or double layered ensuring a safe, strong versatile floor that will perform and last. The single layer floors use a single sheet of 12mm plywood and the double layer floors use 2 layers of 9mm plywood. The plywood is the most critical variable in the engagement of the foam blocks or springs and therefore, the responsiveness of the floor. This item is delivered free of charge, offshore and highland destinations will incur additional charges.

The total area of the cheerleading floor is 42' by 54' (12.8m by 16.5m). We can manufacture our floors to any size so, if you require a different size or a different floor covering please contact us and we will be happy to work out a price for you. The single or double plywood layers are pre-cut to specific sizes to allow for the overlapping of the base/top layers. These are linked together using joining profiles (single layer) or Velcro hook and loop (double layer) ensuring a quick and easy installation. The EDPM foam blocks or power springs are pre-installed in their correct positions (including the additional ones required for the perimeter edges) on the base layer meaning the floors are ready to be installed quickly and easily. The pre-installed EDPM foam blocks or power springs are located at specific points to ensure the floor has constant rebound throughout and offers great shock absorbency.

The foam and carpet covering is made from our carpet mat rolls (view here) which offers a comfortable feel whilst its strength ensures it will last and are available in a variety of colours. We also include the hook roll for joining the carpet mat rolls together (view here), this is supplied in the same colour as the chosen floor choice. We also offer the use of our fast foam layer (view here), the fast foam sits on top of the boards and beneath the carpet mat roll. The use of the fast foam adds an extra layer of protection which will allow your gymnasts to train longer and harder with reduced risk of injury and stress on joints. Optional extras include drop-down or foam wedged side skirts (view here). The side skirts enclose the sides/edges of sprung floors and offers protection and better appearance. They are available in standard heights (depending on the use of fast foam or not) and in a variety of colours.

All our sprung floors are pre-assembled, include full assembly instructions and are delivered free of charge (offshore and highland destinations will incur additional charges). If you would like us to install the sprung floor for you, please contact us and we can provide you with an installation cost. Available with either EDPM foam blocks or power springs, single or double layered, a choice of floor/carpet colours and with or without fast foam - please use the drop down menu to select the item you require.

Dimensions & specifications:
Ideal for training and competition use
Total area size is 42" by 54" (12.8m by 16.5m)
Choose from pre-installed EDPM foam blocks or power springs
A choice of 12mm single layered or 2 9mm double layered plywood sheets
Pre-assembled using pre-cut plywood sheets ready for assembly
Linked together with either joining profiles or Velcro hook and loop
9 rolls of 12.8m long by 1.82m wide and 3.5cm thick carpet mat rolls
8 rolls of 5cm Velcro hook roll for joining the carpet mat rolls together
Choose either with or without a fast foam layer
Choice of drop-down or foam wedged side skirts
Full assembly instructions and our sprung floor guarantee included with every purchase
Free delivery on this item, offshore and highland destinations will incur additional costs
Installation service available, please contact us for more information

*These items are manufactured to order, approximate manufacturing and delivery lead time is 1-2 weeks from order. Please see our orders, payments & delivery page or contact us for more information*

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