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Our power spring floor kits have almost everything you need to build your own floor or replace the tired worn out springs of your existing gymnastics or cheerleading sprung floors. Our kit includes power springs, top/bottom retainer caps, nuts and screws and the hook and loop Velcro for connecting the plywood panels - you only need to source the plywood panels. These power springs can be used as a great alternative to foam blocks when creating a sprung floor for gymnastics and/or cheerleading clubs.

Our power springs are one of the best floor springs available on the market today and resilient enough for gymnasts of all sizes and abilities. They feature a durable, hard drawn high carbon steel coil spring (2in wide by 4in high) and are paired with our easy-mount retainer caps.The caps have been newly-designed and feature an additional set of grooves that keep the spring from falling out while in use, preventing dead spots in your floor. The advantages of our caps are that they are more robust and the top and bottom caps are interchangeable with each other.

The 1932 power spring kit is ideal for a gymnastic floor of 42' by 42' or 12.8m by 12.8m and the 2460 power spring kit is ideal for a cheerleading floor of 42' by 54' or 12.8m by 16.5m. Available as a kit of 1932 or 2460 power springs including all the nessarcary hardware (detailed below) - please use the drop-down menu to select the item you require.

1932 power spring kit includes the following items:
1932 power springs
3864 retaining caps
1932 screws
1932 nuts
2 rolls of black hook Velcro (25m rolls)
4 rolls of white loop Velcro (25m rolls)

2460 power spring kit includes the following items:
2460 power springs
4920 retaining caps
2460 screws
2460 nuts
2 rolls of black hook Velcro (25m rolls)
5 rolls of white loop Velcro (25m rolls)

Dimensions & specifications:
Complete kit for either a gymnastics or cheerleading floor
Everything required (apart from the plywood panels) to build a spring floor
Choose from 1932 or 2460 power spring kits
Installation service available

*These items are normally stocked and will be delivered within 2-3 days from order. We combined shipping costs, discounts will be applied at checkout - please see our orders, payments & delivery page or contact us for more information*

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