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All our sunken pits can be constructed to almost any depth, widths and lengths (depending on the type; fully built-in resi-foam, suspended pit, loose foam blocks or logs) to accommodate the equipment utilising the sunken pit and safe landing distances. As with our raised pit designs, a sunken pit can be finished from the same range of loose foam blocks or logs, pit base foam, vinyl/foam padding (for use inside the sunken pit walls and pit edges), vinyl/foam or carpet/foam padding for use on the buildings walls and/or to shield wall stanchions, floor carpet, pit edging trims etc.

We use a CAD drawing package to design the sunken pit layout and ensure suitable/safe distances between equipment and safe pit landing distances. We would conduct a site survey, ascertain structural calculations and may take floor samples to evaluate whether or not the area is suitable due to any damp issues or the ever-increasing water table. Typically, the standard depth for a sunken pit is 1.5m this is the same for the suspended pit and/or the loose foam variations. It may also be worth looking at sinking some of the equipment (fast track, trampolines etc.) into the floor so it sits flush with the sunken pit.

From excavation to installation we ensure the site is safe so you can continue with the use of your club with minimal disruption during the later stages of installation. All our machinery utilises dust extraction units and we provide pedestrian fencing to ensure the area is segregated and safe for you to continue your classes during the later stages of the installation process. Although, unlike our raised pit podiums, sunken pits do require the use of some heavy plant machinery during the excavation process.

Our sunken pits are constructed using proven techniques and meeting the criteria of current building regulations/specifications, our sunken pits are built to last.

Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail - we look forward to hearing from you.

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