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Behaviour modification via Velcro - an easy, inexpensive tool to help athletes keep their feet together. Sticky toes will help athletes perfect new skills much easier. Sticky toes are designed to help the athlete realise when their feet are apart or together. The straps are big enough to go around cheerleading shoes yet small enough to go around a young athletes bare foot. The Velcro sticks together but also safely pulls apart, giving the athlete instant feedback when working skills where feet are required to stay together. The user can feel and hear the Velcro separate. Sticky toes are colour coded for easy use: red for right; lemon for left. They are also hand washable and a must have for every athlete in your gym. Available individually and in packs of five or ten - please use the drop-down menu to select the amount you require.

Dimensions & specifications:
Helps athletes keep their feet together during skills
Colour coded straps, red for right and lemon for left
Easily installed and removed using the Velcro
Machine washable
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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