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Our quick flex bar is a great alternative to a frame bar. It's foam covered strap is soft and very friendly for accidental landings. The bracket has been completely re-designed for tightened attachment to the Tumbl TrakTumbl Trak XtremePorta Trak or the Tumbl Trak Transition. Set a launch pad with a micro ramp under the quick flex bar on the Tumbl Trak to create a great station that helps beginners work on getting a backward roll or back extension roll with straight arms. A bungee ramp or bungee incline can also be used to make this drill easier for beginners. The quick flex bar allows for lots of repetitions when learning to hit a handstand with open shoulders. Bouncing off the stomach helps develop cast handstands, back uprise handstands and front giants. When practicing Tkatchevs, a common occurrence is hitting heels on the bar, this bar is soft and much friendlier for those heels.

Dimensions & specifications:
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed and manufactured in the USA

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