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When thinking about buying equipment for your child to use at home, it can be confusing to decide what to order with so many choices. We've selected some equipment that we think make great starter pieces for preschool age kids to use at home. Give the gift of gymnastics and feel good about your child being active at home.

Jack & Jill mats:
The Jack and Jill mats are ideal for any young child learning new gymnastics skills or anyone interested in a softer tumbling mat. When folded, this kids tumbling mat is 15cm narrower than other mats, making it easier to perform skills over the mat. The combination of soft foam (top layer) and polyethylene foam (bottom layer) provides a safe and forgiving area for kids to learn gymnastics skills like forward and backward rolls, bridges, cartwheels and much more. The non-skid material on the bottom of the mat will prevent it from sliding or moving. As with all our tumbling mats, only the highest quality materials are used in its construction. Although the name suggests preschool age, many older kids also enjoy this softer, more forgiving tumbling mat. It's also easier for children to carry. Fold the mat accordion style to create a block that is 1.2m long by 45cm wide and 20cm high. In this configuration, many useful gymnastics drills can be done with the mat (four 45cm folding panels).

Inclines - folding:
Inclines are one of the most functional and versatile progressive skill builders for your gymnastics and cheer programmes. They are used at all levels and as skill builders for most events, uphill vaulting, transition training on bars, basic tumbling on floor and conditioning are only a few of their applications. Use the incline to practice forward rolls, backward rolls, log rolls and cartwheels down the Incline. Fold the incline to create a block for practicing bridges with their feet on the block (hands on the floor), working arms and core strength in a push-up shape with feet on block, jumps up onto and off from the block, donkey kicks with hands on block. The inclines feature a Velcro flap to keep the incline fastened shut when folded closed. Heavy duty 5cm wide webbing handles are attached to larger inclines for your convenience. This item is also commonly referred to as a cheese mat, wedge mat, wedges.

Sectional balance beam - suede:
Our 1.2m long sectional balance beam helps gymnasts gain confidence walking on a 10cm wide beam. The balance beam is also perfect for practicing skills like donkey kicks, handstands, jumps, leaps and obstacle courses. Our sectional balance beam is competition width of 10cm wide (top) and features a suede surface on the top and sides, making it the perfect sectional balance beam for home or gym use. It features a 20cm wide (base) ensuring it stays in position whilst in use and is 10cm high. Choose the sectional beam 2 pack option to create a longer 2.4m long beam. To create longer lengths, simply connect two or more beams together using the permanently attached Velcro fasteners. Its a perfect balance beam for kids just getting started with gymnastics (end colour supplied in random). This lightweight 1.2m balance beam is ideal for beginning gymnasts or if space and budget are your primary concerns.

Gymnastics rings:
Hang these gymnastic rings on any bar to aid in strength training and practicing many different routines. The gymnastic rings feature unique colour coded straps for fast, accurate height adjustment. To ensure each ring is set for the same height the straps are colour coded and the carabiner clips easily flip open and closed. The gymnastic rings are made from a strong polycarbonate and the surface has a non-slip texture. Using gymnastic rings can help with grip strength from hanging, swinging, pull-ups, leg lifts, arm strength and ab strength. Please note these rings are not intended for competition.

Girl's package includes: (1) 1.2m by 1.8m by 5cm Jill mat in pink and purple, (1) small  folding incline in bright pastel and (1) 1.2m long sectional balance beam

Boy's package includes: (1) 1.2m by 1.8m by 5cm Jack mat in light blue and lime green, (1) small folding incline in primary rainbow and (1) set of adjustable rings

Dimensions & specifications:
Jack & Jill mats are 1.8m long by 1.2m wide and 5cm high, 18oz knife coated vinyl, 2.5cm soft EVA foam on top 2.5cm polyethylene foam on bottom, Dacron thread, Velcro flaps to connect two or more mats end-to-end and non skid material on bottom
Small folding incline is 1.22m long by 60cm wide and 36cm high, 18oz vinyl coated polyester fabric, 55 ILD polyfoam, sturdy nylon zip and prime foam fillers
Sectional balance beam is 1.2m long by 10cm wide (top), 20cm wide (base) and 10cm high, unit weight (each beam) is 0.9kg, suede surface on the top and sides, Velcro ends for connecting beams together to create a longer balance beam, anti slip base to ensure beam(s) stay in position whilst in use
Gymnastics rings are 2.5cm thick by 19cm diameter, straps can adjust from 58cm to 84cm long, strong polycarbonate and the surface has a non-slip texture
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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