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The power launch is a nice combination of a compact size air product with a useful 10cm wide centre line. Once inflated, the power launch is bouncy and lightweight and can easily be moved around the gym, school or home for a whole variety of applications. Inflate tightly for rigidity, or deflate slightly for more bounce The power launch is the smallest sized 20cm thick air floor we offer and features a centre line, webbed handles for easy transportation and d-rings are fitted on each corner allow you to get creative with how you use it. Use the d-rings to suspend one end creating an inclined surface or strap the power launch to a bar or wall to create an instant wall area. The 5cm wide Velcro perimeter strips on the top allows you to attach many other items, such as the climbing wall overlay or carpet overlay, enhancing the versatility of this product. Attach the climbing wall overlay to the power launch to create an instant climbing wall area for young kids or attach the 1.2m by 1.8m carpet overlay which allows a nice wide area to attach other items like our half rounds, fun sticks, Velcro numbers or hands and feet. Attach the folding mini ramp to the edge of the power launch for a secure and easy tumbling transition up onto the power launch. The bladder is made with double wall material making it very strong and able to withstand tough environments. It features an 18oz knife coated vinyl on sides and the bottom is bonded with non-skid material to ensure the unit stays in position whilst in use. A vinyl flap is located on the side for easy access to the valve for inflation and deflation. Each unit is supplied with an electric air pump.

Dimensions & specifications:
Each unit is 1.8m long by 1.2m wide and 20cm high
Has a 10cm wide centre line on the top
Heavy duty, double skinned bladder with 18oz vinyl sides
Features d-rings and handles on each corner
5cm Velcro hook and loop on edges for placement of other equipment
Inflate tightly for rigidity, or deflate slightly for more bounce
Offers portability and smaller storage requirements
An electric air pump is included with the purchase
Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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