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These pommel horse landing mats are FIG approved and are ideal for training and competition use. They feature cut-outs for the equipment legs, a non-slip base and a Velcro locking system to ensure the mats stay together. These will fit a wide range of other pommel horses.

The pommel horse landing mats are supplied as 2 units, creating a landing area of 4m long by 4m wide covering a total area of 8m2. The individual sizes of the mats are; 2 base mats are 4m long by 2m wide and 10cm high (mat number 20), these have cut outs to accept the legs. Each mat has Velcro over-locking flaps to ensure the mats are locked together as well as a non-slip base to ensure they do not slide when in use and remain in position. The internal foam consists of multi-layered polyurethane and polyethylene foam that creates a soft, safe landing area. The foam is covered with a hard-wearing PVC vinyl which features air distribution mesh windows and is strengthened along the sides and corners. Available in a wide range of colours - please select the colour you require

We also have FIG approved soft "topper" landing mats in a wide range of sizes and colours which compliment this range of landing mats. When placed on top of other landing mats they will offer the gymnast a softer reassured landing. These can be found on our website hereWe are proud to offer the Gaofei range of Gymnastics equipment within the UK. Gaofei is high end, quality equipment at very competitive prices.

Dimensions & specifications:
FIG approved, ideal for training and competition use
Supplied as 2 units, creating a landing area of 4m long by 4m wide covering a total area of 8m2
Multi-layered polyurethane and polyethylene foam, hard wearing PVC vinyl which features air distribution mesh windows and are strengthened along the sides and corners. Velcro over-locking flaps to lock the mats together with a non slip base ensures the mats stay in position whilst in use
Available in a wide range of colours
Feature cut-outs for the equipment legs
Will fit a wide range of other pommel horses
Installation service available
Manufactured by Gaofei

*These items are manufactured to order, approximate manufacturing and delivery lead time is 6-8 weeks from order. We combined shipping costs, discounts will be applied at checkout - please see our orders, payments & delivery page or contact us for more information*

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