Rainbow Pizza Mat

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This mat is so visually appealing, it invites fun - and great classroom organisation. Instructors can use simple cues to gather students in any number of circle time activities. The shape of each colour segment is ideal for students to hop, jump, roll or cartwheel from colour to colour. Fold the mat to make a useful pie-shaped obstacle for fun activities. Circle time just got easier with this brightly coloured mat to gather around. Eight wedge-shaped segments are useful for teaching spatial awareness, colour recognition and a myriad of skills. The mat is 3.5cm thick and folds into a wedge stack for storage into a 28cm high stack. The 1.5m diameter mat is 3.5cm thick and made of durable, high-quality vinyl. It arrives in four pieces, with Velcro attachments to keep them together. 

Dimensions & specifications:
1.5m diameter, 8 coloured wedge shapes of 76cm long x 66cm wide
There are four sets of wedges as each set includes two colours
18oz knife coated vinyl
Easily cleaned using warm, mild soap solution
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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