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We offer our pit foam socks in a variety of sizes and a wide range of colours. The standard sizes match our pit foam block and log sizes (our foam blocks and logs can be found here), but we can manufacture these to almost any other sizes. Once installed, they will keep the foam pit cleaner and also make a foam pit brighter and a more eye-catching area. Our low minimum order quantities of 1200 allow you to combine several different colours, they can be combined in the colours of your club (choose a single colour or combine several colours). Our socks protect the pit foam from dusting, breaking up and prolong the life of the foam blocks or logs. You'll appreciate the cleaning out of a loose foam pit is a dirty job and the pit can become an unhygienic place. Fitting our socks will make this a less of a chore as the foam dust particles are contained inside the socks. If not contained, these dust particles can be inhaled by the users and could cause respiratory issues as well as being an irritant if they get into their eyes.

Unlike other socks available on the market, our pit foam socks are manufactured here in the UK. The 100% polyester fabric is an extremely strong, machine washable material and of a superior quality. The Durable Fire Retardancy meets UK ratings (BS 5815 part 3 1991, BS 5857 type 2 part b and c, BS 7175 section 3 source 7 1989) is applied during the colour dye process, whereas other socks have their Fire or Flame Retardancy applied via a spray-on application. The spray-on type of application rubs-off when the foam blocks or logs touch each other, thus vastly diminishing their Fire Retardancy rating. Our socks have been dipped to achieve their colour and Durable Fire Retardancy rating as this is the only way to achieve a 100% rating. The Durable Fire Retardancy allows the fabric to be machine washed at 60 degrees without affecting the Fire Retardancy rating.

The socks can be easily fitted onto foam blocks or logs by turning them inside out and pulling them over the foam. The socks are fitted with an elastic closure as standard. The ends of the elastic closures are "tied-off" and the ends either trimmed or placed inside the sock, ensuring the opening is closed tight, preventing any dust particles escaping. Our pit foam socks are a perfect accessory to our loose foam blocks and logs. Standard sizes available are detailed below (remember, we can manufacture these to almost any size). As manufacture takes place in the UK, the lead time is usually only 4-6 weeks from order. The 100% polyester fabric is available in the colours within our drop-down menu. If you would like a specific colour, please let us know the colour and its code or send us a colour swatch and we will make sure the fabric is dyed accordingly (additional lead times may apply).

*This product can either be collected from us or we can arrange a carrier (costs to be advised based on delivery location and order volume). These items are manufactured to order, approximate manufacturing and delivery lead time is 4-6 weeks from order, please see our orders, payments & delivery page or contact us for more information*

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