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Due to the recent guidelines regarding the use of equipment, mats and landing pits surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic we have designed a pit cover to ensure your loose foam pits are a safer environment for those using them. Our pit covers are wipeable, stretchy, tough and are designed to cover the entire pit and wrap around the loose foam logs or blocks ensuring the cover stays in place whilst in use. Rather than attaching the cover to the pit walls risking damage to your padding, we have designed the cover to wrap around and stay in place. It may be necessary to re-fit the covers from time to time depending on the type and amount of usage they receive. Our pit covers are ideal for "jersey" covered landing mats as well.

We have developed our pit covers using a medical grade, antibacterial, washable and wipeable material. The material is used in the medical industry and conforms to all the appropriate standards you’d expect (flame retardancy, antibacterial & anti-fungal etc.). The material is made from a polyester and polyurethane mix which allows it to be super strong and stretchy at the same time. The covers come in navy blue or light blue and the material is durable enough to allow landings to take place without tearing. The covers can be wiped clean or even washed without affecting the material and its inherent properties. We will manufacture the cover(s) to the dimensions you specify, it is advisable to ensure the cover is slightly larger than your pit dimensions ensuring there is enough room to allow for movement when landing and exiting the pit. The cover will be manufactured with the sides attached ready for installation, you'll just need to place the cover over the loose foam or resi-foam pit and tuck the sides down in place. 

The price detailed is per square metre. For instance, if you have a 4m by 4m landing pit you should allow an extra 1m metre each side so the cover isn't "tight". Therefore, a 4m by 4m becomes a 5m by 5m and would equate to 25 square metres, this includes the sides that tuck down into the pit. For a more detailed cost, please provide us with your pit dimensions and we will be happy to work out the dimensions and cost for you.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss in more detail, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Step Forward Plan (SFP) which details the cleaning procedures specifically designed for gymnastics facilities can be found here.

*These items are manufactured to order, approximate manufacturing and delivery lead time is 1-2 weeks from order. We combined shipping costs, discounts will be applied at checkout - please see our orders, payments & delivery page or contact us for more information*

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