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The wide wedge blocks are also available either small or large sizes (the small and large sizes are available here). This allows you use them individually or together to create many different obstacles allowing you to build walls, bridges and as well as other obstacles. They are a slanted firm foam block which makes it perfect for practising wall kicks, wall flips and palm spins. You can arrange and rearrange to create numerous sets of courses making them ideal for freestyle gymnastics, free-g, parkour, free running, tricking etc. The wedge blocks are useful for elite training and can be used for countless training drills. You can use the blocks singular or in conjunction to take your training drills to the next level. The wedge block surface and ends have firm foam to enable standing on the wedge or for running at with speed. The wedge block can be secured down with the Velcro hook and loop connectors to our carpet mat rolls (our range of carpet mat rolls are available here) or other similar carpeted surfaces for strong stability and to remain stable when being pushed away from at speed with force.

The wedge blocks accompanies a heavy-duty and flame-retardant PVC surface while being firm and versatile the surface still stays delicate and continues to retain its shape. Each block is produced with a high-density PU foam which is also flame-retardant and has conveniently placed carry handles for easy transportation and has a non-slip base fitted to each section. The main body colour is black with the choice of side colours - please use the drop down menu to choose the colour you require (we can also manufacture this in other colours, please contact us to discuss the options). The wedge blocks are a perfect aid to safely develop and perfect your freestyle gymnastics, free-g, parkour, free running, tricking classes and are configurable which allows you to design different and exciting obstacle courses.

Dimensions & specifications:
Wide wedge block is 1.4m long (base) by 80cm wide (base) by 30cm wide (top) and 1.4m high
Conveniently placed carry handles for easy transportation
High-density PU foam, heavy-duty and flame-retardant PVC Cover
Non-slip surface for good grip, wipeable and easy to clean
Main body colour is black with the choice of side colours
Designed and manufactured in the UK

*These items are manufactured to order, approximate manufacturing and delivery lead time is 1-2 weeks from order. We combined shipping costs, discounts will be applied at checkout - please see our orders, payments & delivery page or contact us for more information*

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