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The portable parallette bars will keep you training on the go. These are light enough to pack in your gym bag and assemble in seconds to keep up with your handstand, press handstand and general strength training anywhere you go. We know that athletes spend many hours travelling to competitions, training camps, or holidays. The portable parallette bars are an ideal tool for keeping up with your training, even when you are not in the gym. The clever design allows them to be deconstructed quickly and easily. The optional Connector can also be added to convert a pair of parallettes into one 60cm long single bar. Once assembled, the top of the parallettes sit just 8.9cm off the ground. The 3.8cm diameter rail is 30.5cm long and constructed of a sturdy aluminium core with a long lasting polymer covering. The bases have an impressive non-slip grip base that will keep the parallettes in place on carpet, wood, or vinyl. To pack the parallettes, the bases have a hollow centre that houses the rail compactly. Each set comes with a nylon drawstring bag for travel. Available as parallette bars, connector or together, please use the drop-down menu to select the item you require.

I've been able to use the portable parallette bars over the last few months and absolutely love them. I've used a ton of different variations of parallettes over the years, and none of them have been able to provide both the ease of use and sturdiness these model offer. Along with this, they are really easy to condense and travel with, which makes bringing them along during traveling really easy. I enjoy using them in my own training, but also with many gymnasts I work with in the clinic returning from injury. Definitely a fan of them, and would recommend them to everyone - Dave Tilley.

These portable parallette bars are very solid and well built and can be used by male and female gymnasts of all levels the possibilities are endless - Andrew Memmel, M and M Gymnastics.

These bars are simple to assemble and break down easily for travel by air and car both. The non-skid feet hold on all surfaces, and the bars have been great for floor drills and shaping work at competitions this season - Al Fong, Olympic Coach, GAGE.

The portable parallette bars are both small and light enough to join me whenever I travel in the world, without compromising strength or robustness. These should be in every coaches travel kit for competitions and events - Nick Ruddock.

Dimensions & specifications:
30.5cm long by 3.8cm diameter and 5cm high
Unit weight is 1.8kg
Maximum user weight is 113kg
A layer of non-slip rubber on the bottom
Option of parallette bars, connector or both together
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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