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The orbiter package 3 is an incredibly fun, versatile and multi-functional piece of equipment. It can be used for front and back handsprings, round-offs, back tucks and much, much more. The orbiter package 3 is a combination of the 60cm diameter 1.06m long red air barrel, a pair of firm foam orbiter rings and a set of small cradles. When used with the booster blocks, the orbiter is "one size fits all". When the foam rings are taken off, it becomes a recreation or preschool coach's dream. Between the air barrel, foam rings and cradles, a coach can have endless options and easily three or more stations for their athletes. Unique Velcro flaps create a secure connection to keep the two half's together to create one ring. The price includes a dual action hand pump.

Dimensions & specifications:
Red air barrel is 60cm diameter and 1.06m long (fully inflated)
Foam orbiter rings are 1.2m diameter (outer) by 60cm diameter (internal) and 1.2m high, 18oz knife coated vinyl, 45kg Polyurethane foam and black in colour
Small cradles are black in colour, 86cm long and suitable for the 60cm red or 75cm purple air barrels, 18oz knife coated vinyl, soft density polyurethane foam and triangular shaped to create a wedge for stabilising the air barrels
Includes a dual action hand pump
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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