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The open shoulder trainer is a light, padded device that fits around an athlete's shoulder and neck in order to maintain open shoulders needed for skills that move through a handstand. It serves as a gentle reminder for tumblers to keep the proper shoulder position while training. How often do you repeat "keep your shoulders open", every day in your gym?. The open shoulder trainer is easy to use and does not allow athletes to drop their shoulders on handstands, cartwheels, round offs, limber over, walkovers and other skills that require an open shoulder technique. You will want at least 5-10 open shoulder trainers in your gym and is great for bar work too. The open shoulder trainer is not to be used with restraining devices such as therabands or similar items. Available individually and in packs of five or ten - please use the drop-down menu to select the amount you require.

Dimensions & specifications:
Light padded device that fits around an athletes shoulder and neck
One size fits all
Available individually, packs of 5 or packs of ten
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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