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This is no ordinary floor training bar. Achieving handstand control is a very important skill for beginners up through advanced gymnasts. The use of a floor bar puts less stress on an athletes wrists. The floor bar features Velcro on its feet to stay secure on carpet foam, allowing gymnasts to do giant, clear hip tap lifting drills without the bars moving. It is very sturdy and its wood surface is pleasant to the touch and provides for a secure grip. These floor training bars are also great for handstands, pirouettes, in-bar and late drops skills. The floor bar can be used in many creative ways with other products where "bounce to handstand" drills can be practiced. Gymnasts will appreciate the Velcro bases which keep this bar in place without slipping and sliding.

Dimensions & specifications:
1.2m long by 38mm diameter
Wood grain bar, steel ends covered with two 24cm vinyl covered foam bar pads for additional cushion and safety, Velcro feet pads to stop it slipping
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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