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Possibly the most versatile piece of equipment in your facility, children gravitate to our bright and colourful fitness wheel. It's unique presentation elicits creativity, ideation and social engagement. The colours are great for learning and helpful for class management. Use it as a mat stack, wall station, balance station, vault table etc. D-rings on the exterior make it simple to add webbing or straps to secure it to a set of bars. The fitness wheel is incredibly dynamic and can meet the needs of your smallest children all the way up to your largest children. The rings can be inflated or deflated within seconds using the included electric air pump, allowing children to go from rolling to jumping to climbing in no time. When deflated the fitness wheel rolls up tightly making it possible to take it with you from site to site or to easily store it away when not in use.

Each ring on the small (1.5m) and large (2.4m) fitness wheels can be inflated independently for use at varying heights making it perfect for all ages and skill levels. Designed to be used with either the open or closed side facing up, the outside edge can easily accommodate multiple learners at one a time. The wheel is also stable enough to use upright as a wall station or fun rolling station. The Velcro squares around the top perimeter secure items like fun sticks or Velcro numbers to the top of the fitness wheel. Heavy duty webbed handles make the unit easy to transport and are thoughtfully placed so that children can hold onto the handles while doing activities with the wheel on its edge. D-rings are strategically placed around the outer edge allowing for easy attachment to other pieces of equipment using the 2.4m cinch straps. Includes free digital download featuring over 100 drills and creative applications for the fitness wheel. Available in two sizes variations of small or large and with or without hot spots - please use the drop down menu to select the required item(s).

Dimensions & specifications:
Small fitness wheel is 1.5m diameter and 30cm high with 1 ring inflated and 60cm high with 2 rings inflated
Large fitness wheel is 2.4m diameter and 41cm high with 1 ring inflated and 81cm high with 2 rings inflated
All units include an electric air pump with the purchase
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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