Downhill Inclines


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Create an inclined surface with your Tumbl TrakTumbl Trak Xtreme or the Tumbl Trak Transition. For tumbling, an inclined surface helps increase the speed of running in order to get more height to learn skills faster. It also helps students reach farther and lengthen out tumbling. This add-on piece to a Tumbl Trak raises one end of the Tumbl Trak another 36cm creating an inclined surface. For bar training, it works well on a Tumbl Trak when used with the frame bar or quick flex bar to create a tramp bar station. Downhill Inclines easily bolt to the last four legs of your Tumbl Trak. Simply pull the pin to release the leg extension (each leg extension has a set of holes) and release the pin once you've reached the correct hole for the desired height. The two legs on the outside of the Tumbl Trak will be raised 36cm and the next set of legs towards the inside of the Tumbl Trak will be raised 15cm.

Dimensions & specifications:
Maximum height of 36cm
Can be easily mounted on the Tumbl Trak, Tumble Trak Xtreme and the Tumbl Trak Transition
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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