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Carpet tile tackifier is recommended for installing our carpet tiles. It may be applied to most substrates, including concrete, cementitious screeds, chipboard, hardboard, plywood and smoothing compounds and metal access floor panels. It may be used over existing well bonded resilient floor coverings provided they are thoroughly cleaned of any wax, polish or other contaminants.

Carpet tile tackifier is a solvent free modified acrylic emulsion specially formulated to provide a permanently tacky film for the removable fixing of "loose lay" carpet tiles. The tiles can be easily lifted and replaced when required. This adhesive is non staining, resistant to plasticiser migration and may be applied by either roller or brush.

Health & safety:
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact to eyes rinse thoroughly for 15 minutes with clean running water. Contact to skin may cause irritation, wash off with soap and water. Do not allow to dry on skin. Keep out of reach of children. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves, overalls and eye protection

Preparing the sub-floor:
Make sure the sub-floor is clean, dry and free from any contaminants that may affect adhesion, including surface hardeners and additives. Prime porous surfaces or boards like chipboard, hardboard or plywood with a diluted PVA solution or other recommended primer, and allow to dry. Repair any imperfections to the sub-floor with a suitable patch repair product. Where floors require smoothing use a self levelling screed to a minimum of 3mm thickness. All surfaces should be thoroughly swept with a broom or brush (preferably vacuumed). Existing floor coverings like old carpet or underlay must be removed prior to laying any carpet tiles.

Apply with either a roller or brush and allow to dry to a clear tacky film (approx 30-40 minutes) before placing the tiles. Times may vary due to room and floor temperatures, porosity of sub-floor and thickness of adhesive used. Ensure there is good airflow through the room as this will shorten the drying time. When pouring tackifier on metal access floor panels care must be taken to not let the adhesive flow between the panel joints. Laying the carpet tiles before the adhesive has dried to a clear film can result in permanent bonding.

Clean tools immediately after use with water while the adhesive is still wet. Any uncured adhesive can be removed from the floor covering with a damp cloth but do not allow to dry.

120-140 tiles per 5 litres
600-700 tiles per 25 litres

5 litres - 5kg
25 litres - 26kg

Carpet tile tackifier adhesive will keep for 12 months under normal storage conditions in original, unopened containers. Make sure to keep out of direct sunlight and at a temperature between 5oC and 30oC but protect from frost.

Appearance off-white liquid, approximate flashpoint non-flammable, pH 7.5 - 8.5, relative density 1.0, boiling point 100oC, application temperature limit 5oC - 30oC (a minimum of 18oC is recommended)

We can help you create a better environment by installing the carpet tiles for you or providing it as a "supply only" product. If you can provide us with all the dimensions and some photos, we can make sure you have the correct amount of carpet tiles and tackifier for the job.

Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail - we look forward to hearing from you.

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