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The air floor has a wide range of uses and possibilities and is ideal for gymnastics and cheer leading clubs, dance halls, schools, leisure centres, martial arts clubs etc. The design and construction of our air floors is what make the product so unique. Used from beginner to elite levels, it allows athletes to learn and perfect new skills and progressions. The air floor is a product that allows athletes to train harder, while still minimising the risk of injury. Endorsed by Olympic athletes and reported by Bill Sands (academic researcher) as a more positive rebound surface than a traditional spring floor or rod track. The air floor is recommended to be used on top of a spring floor, tumbling strip, carpet foam or panel mats. The air floor offers a bouncier rebound than a rod floor (not intended for use on hard surfaces).

We recommend using the 8cm thick air floors on top of a padded surface like a spring floor, carpet bonded foam, tumbling mats, etc. Units are sold with end Velcro allowing for the connecting of several units to make larger/longer floor areas. Each unit has a dual action hand pump (included in price) and takes about 5-10 minutes to inflate the 3m, 10-20 minutes to inflate the 6m. An electric air pump is recommended for faster inflation and can be purchased separately here. Also available is the air floor cover which helps protect you air floor and extends the warranty to 2 years. Available in two lengths of either 3m or 6m - please use the drop down menu to select the item you require.

Dimensions & specifications:
Available in two lengths of either 3m or 6m
Approximately 1.5m wide by 8cm high
Each unit includes a dual action hand pump
Velcro hook and loop extensions to attach several floors together
Guarantee and Warranty is 12 Months on materials and workmanship
Installation service available
Designed in the USA

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