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The addie beam and hopscotch mat package comprises of a 2.4m long addie beam and a hopscotch mat. The addie beam and hopscotch mat package is a great beginner to intermediate set-up for beam training at home. The hopscotch mat is a perfect mat for under the addie beam balance beam because it is 3.7m long and is a bit narrower than a standard tumbling mat. A narrower mat can be useful in tighter spaces like a bedroom.

Addie beam:
The addie beam is a practical and safe home training beam that will help your athlete train and perfect beam skills. Train leaps, turns, handstands and much more using the addie beam. The addie beam features realistic synthetic suede looks and feels like a competition beam. It's 2.4m long, competition width of 10cm and is 13.5cm high. Support legs are flat, molded plastic, not steel like the competitors, and have a bevelled top edge so if little feet fall onto them, they do not get injured or hurt. It features a wood core beam with rounded top corners which, simulates the feel of the competition beam for hand and feet positions.

Hopscotch mat:
Our hopscotch mat combines the fun of hopscotch with the usefulness of a long tumbling mat. On the reverse side, a white line down the centre helps kids practice beam skills and long jumps - beam stripe has 30cm gradations. The mat is perfect for preschool age gymnasts. The hopscotch mat helps young children learn basic gymnastic skills through the fun of hopscotch. The hopscotch mat is made with highly-durable 18oz vinyl and industry standard cross-link polyethylene foam. Each mat is easily transported and folds into easy-to-manage 60cm panel sections for storage (bean bags are not included). Available in two colour variations - please use the drop down menu to select the item you require.

The addie beam is available on it's own and is available here, we also offerthe addie beam and tumbling mat package which is available here. Also, a set of leg risers are available to raise the addie beam 30cm high, these are available here.

Dimensions & specifications:
Addie beam is 2.4m long by 10cm wide and 13.5cm high
Wood core beam, realistic synthetic suede with rounded top corners
Hopscotch mat is 3.7m long by 90cm wide and 3.5cm high
18oz knife coated vinyl, foam is cross-link polyethylene foam, durable Dacron thread
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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