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The strong is good package is the perfect combination for anybody looking to improve strength and flexibility. The package includes one pair of inversion cuffs and one pair of standard sliders. The inversion cuffs are great for hanging exercises and are helpful in improving core strength. The variety of skills you can do with the standard sliders are endless - from flexibility drills, to strength and conditioning these standard sliders will be useful time and time again. 

Using gravity and body weight, the inversion cuffs are an amazing conditioning tool best utilised by intermediate to advanced athletes. Try hooking them to a lower wall bar for a sit up station, or use a higher bar and incline for more challenging progressions. For the “all out” super-star athlete, hang fully suspended for a full body, power workout. The inversion cuffs come as a pair and can be found here.

Standard sliders are a slippery oval disk that are used on carpeted floor and allow an athlete to move their body in a stationary space, or across the floor to work muscles. Whether working alone or in partners, these innovative exercises will help build strength, improve body shaping and increase flexibility. The standard sliders come as a pair and can be found here.

Dimensions & specifications:
The suggested weight limit for the inversion cuffs is 90kg
Standard slider is 23cm long by 15cm wide with 1.25cm foam on top, colour is royal blue/charcoal with a slippery plastic on bottom
Guarantee and Warranty is 24 months on materials and workmanship
Designed in the USA

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