Parkour & Tricking

With Freestyle and Free-G Gymnastics becoming ever more popular as well as being introduced into the British Gymnastics programme we are able to offer our range of Freestyle Urban Blocks & Gym systems. Designed by ourselves and manufactured here in the UK using the best materials available.
Our Freestyle Urban Blocks comprise standard shapes, heights and sizes of training blocks which can be used individually or as sets to achieve varying layouts. Each block has Velcro flaps that allow units to secure to each other as well as a carpeted floor to ensure they do not move when in use. Conveniently placed carry handles allow the units to be moved easily.
Our Freestyle Urban Gym comprise standard shapes, heights and sizes of parkour training blocks that we combine with custom made sections to form a complete urban gym. Whether it's a new layout you require or a complete system designed for a dedicated facility, we can design the freestyle urban gym to suit your requirements and budget.